My Eating List

These are the restaurants/diners I planned to take a visit. Ones with short reviews are some restaurants that I guaranteed for its quality.

Thai restaurants

  • Sanguan Sri (Google Maps)
    Sanguan Sri is obviously a good choice if you don’t mind about a somewhat “loud” dining environment. The number of office workers can simply gurantee the quality of this time-proven restaurant.
    Dish to try: Khao Shae (ข้าวแช่)
  • Ma Maison (Google Maps)
    Ma Maison, although is a French name, but is a lovely Thai restaurant located in Nai Lert Heritage Park. Obviously, this is a fine dining experiment in a green-surrounded environment.
    Dish to try: Kang Khee Lek (แกงขี้เหล็ก)

Chinese restaurants

  • Chang Xing Noodle Soup (Google Maps)
  • Hong Teong Long (Google Maps)
    Dish to try: Xialong Bao
  • Gokfayuen (Google Maps)
    If Gokfayuen had been at Siam, it’d have been my frequent visit restaurant. They serve amazing crisp, angle-hair Hong Kong style noodles. Their soup’s got an amazing flavour, and I bet this is one of the best noodle you can have in Thailand.
    Gokfayuen now serves at EmQuartier. Will be soon my frequent visit.
    Dish to try: More of their noodles (maybe dried ones.)

Japanese restaurants

  • Nippon Tei (Google Maps)
    One of the very good Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, close to downtown district of Siam and Chit Lom.
    Dish to try: Set Lunch of the Day (served at 11:30 on weekdays.)
  • Ramen Tei (Website)
    Dish to try: Salt Ramen
  • Misawa Ramen (Facebook Page)

Western restaurants

  • La Vie, VIE Hotel Bangkok (Google Maps)
    Dish to try: 590THB Set Lunch
  • L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (Google Maps)
    Dish to try: 1099THB Set Lunch
  • La Dotta (Google Maps)
    Dish to try: One of their pasta dish.

Desserts and Tea