A few months with Anne Pro 2

Got an Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Keyboard for a while, and though it is quite good to give it writing about him.

The good

  • Must admit I loved the brown switch. It gives a good, balanced sensation between the non-linearity of the blue switch and the silence of red switch.
  • Much smaller than my prior TKL daily drive keyboard.
  • Bluetooth means less hassle with cables.
  • Type-C, of which I always have two or three of them in my backpack.

The bad (not really the bad)

  • The lack of the tilde (~) key makes it a little hard for me to type it. I have to use the Shift+Fn1+Esc combo, which is less convenient compared to having a dedicated key.
  • Sometimes Bluetooth doesn’t pair up well, this might be related to my dual-boot laptop.
  • The “white” light is blue-tinted and not truly white compared to my laptop’s backlit keyboard.


  • Custom keymappings! Although it’s not fully “hackable” like those QMK-supported boards, I can still give it some shot of customisation.
    • I now map Fn+HJKL for arrow keys. Now I have some Vim-like keybindings everywhere including my iPad.
    • I have a dedicated shortcut for switching desktop workspace. No need to move my hands from the keyboard to the mouse anymore.
  • I’m now getting used to all the “bad”s mentioned above, so not really a big deal for me, but yes, it takes time to adjust yourself to match it.

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