Short Story, 22 August 2019

This story is available in Thai.

Looking from the window, she observed the raindrop in lines.

She carried her backpack and left the building without an umbrella.

It’s not really correct to say “without” an umbrella– she had one in her backpack, it’s just her decision not to use it. She has no idea whether the rain will soothe her or soak her wet, neither on the idea whether she’ll sleep tight tonight or catch some cold from the rain.

The only thing she knows is she is willing to face all the consequences.

Tiny raindrops touch her skin, some on her hair, falling downwards. She smiled.

She woke up early like everyday, feeling a slight sore throat.

Having no idea whether she is sick or not, she put on her mask–thinking to herself that it’s the sign of her accepting all the consequences.

Yet under that mask lies here smile, it’s still there since yesterday, and never fade away.

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