srakrnARSE stands for "Sirakorn's Audience Respose System, Electronically-controlled.

It intends to be used as a low cost clicker for classroom participation, in which the system is firstly designed for the school's quiz competition.

ARSE is based on Node.js and, and now deployed on Heroku.

Is BTS Down?

Is BTS Down? process tweets from @BTS_SkyTrain -- one of the most unreliable metro service provider -- and determines whether the train service is disrupted or not.

This project is my very first step into Natural Language Processing.


KUtoICS is a small utility which helps generating a calendar file (.ics) from Kasetsart University class timetable.

KUtoICS was developed on Laravel, and deployed to Heroku.


1DG Grader

1DG Stands for "One-day grader". It is a terminal-based grader for Computers and Programming class which I'm the teacher assistant.

Rome wasn't build in one day, but this grader was. It runs on Python, features code isolation (by using Mores's Sandbox), and have lots of useful configurable options (including timeout, memory restriction, output strictness, non allowed keywords).

There is also a batch grader for other TAs to check all the submitted code in one tap. This grader generated CSV for scoring purpose too.

DSNPRU Admission Information

My school web service (which is on the university's server) usually went down on entrance announcement day. The reasons given is that the CMS consumes too much resources, so I decided to create a simple, static webpage.

The webpage features all the necessary information, and includes the unused JSON-based entrance result finder.

Twitter RT Randomiser

Giveaways are commonly found among Thailand Twitter users, especially during a specific time of trends (including attempts to gain trends on some hashtag -- for example, a superstar's birthday.)

I once made a giveaway for the awareness of charity donations, in which I would random the person who retweeted my specific tweet, and donate to EFF in his name.

This utility did what I wanted -- paste a URL, and it will random one lucky person from the retweet list.

CPE48 Photoset generator

BNK48, a sister band of AKB48, is a newly founded girlgroup band based in Thailand. The band sells merchandise like photosets.

At Kasetsart University's Department of Computer Engineering (CPE), many students favour BNK48 members.

I decided to write a photoset-like image generator, which users can upload their own picture, and key in their name to create a "CPE48 Photo".

Facebook RTMP URL Obtainer

When Facebook introduces its Live feature, the only way to broadcast live with a third-party softwares (like OBS studio) is to obtain the RTMP key through its API.

This RTMP URL obtainer helps makes this process easier. Just one authorisation click and the API key is now yours.

This website is deprecated, as Facebook now features the "Go Live" button in the status update field.

More works

  • Teacher assistant, Computers and Programming subject.
    Where I developed 1DG grader above.
  • Blognone contributor (with very low contribution rate.)
  • Photographing as a hobby.
  • Writes at Gor-Gun-Gin, my diary of dining experiences and the change of my perception on tastes. Could be considered as my guide on diners/restaurants recommendations.