Information and Governmentality (ว่าด้วยข้อมูลและการปกครองชีวญาณ)


  • Arthit Suriyawongkul (Digital Culture and Internet Policy Researcher, ADAPT Centre, The University of Edinburgh)
  • Patranun Thaniyavarn Limudomporn (Samitivej Hospital)

Host: Sirakorn Lamyai

This panel discussion presents the sociology and anthropology’s perspectives on the concepts of nation and state, while pointing out the changes through the governance of Internet by state-level governments. The panel also points out the problems the government found in exerting their power on the virtual territory, while questioning the importance of doing such actions.

Deep Learning: Theories and Practices

This talk introduces fundamental concepts of Mathematics on Deep Learning, intended to deliver the understanding and appreciation toward mathematical implementations in Deep Learning models.

Visit the talk’s page: https://srakrn.me/wiki/Deep_Learning:_Theories_and_Practices


Fundamental Python for Data Science

This talk presents the fundamental Python toolkit for data analytics, and fundamental statistics through experimenting on toy datasets.

Slides and codes: https://github.com/srakrn/fundamental-python-for-data-science


A First Step to Practical Machine Learning

This talks introduces the beginners to the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning, and its very simple applications using Python.

Slides and codes: https://github.com/srakrn/cpe-ml-intro