Sirakorn Lamyai is a Data Engineer, working for Adastra (Thailand). In 2020, he obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Department of Computer Engineering, Kasetsart University, with the second-degree honour.

Sirakorn believed that the computational power that computers give can solve any problems in the world, and he is looking forward to applying new methodologies on real-world problems. It is during his bachelor degree course that he shows his strong interests in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, as he sees the strong potential of data-driven decisions.

Sirakorn was a part of the BRAIN Laboratory at Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC) as an intern. His work with the laboratory is mainly on applied approach for Neuroscience and Brain-Controlled Interfaces, and resides at the Theory Research Group at Kasetsart University during his study at Kasetsart University. His scopes of interests include adversarial training, robust learning, explainability and interpretability, and privacy/security in learning systems, and his dissertation is “Clustering Method to Fasten Adversarial Training Process”.

Portrait image courtesy of R. Pimrat (@silencenight)

About Sirakorn